Friday, August 17, 2012

A Call to Virtue - A Call to Freedom

All this talk about politics is dizzying.  The bombardment of propaganda from every angle about subjects of irrelevance is enraging.  Democracy is the most corrupt system of government possible as a means of organizing human society.  You cannot vote on morality.  You cannot vote on what's right and what's wrong.  There is no middle road for virtue and there is no compromise with tyranny.  One cannot order freedom in sizes small, medium, and large.  There is liberty or not.

For those would say, "Freedom will never work.  The world is too corrupt.  That is idealism."  That is precisely why we need freedom.  Liberty and the decentralization of power is the only mechanism which accounts for the fallibility of human nature.  What we have right now doesn't work.  The systems of control we have right now are corrupt.  Freedom is idealism, but unlike the hierarchical structures of power and central planning proposed in the Utopian authoritative forms of government by all the great thinkers and philosophers of the past, it is the only viable and sustainable path for humanity.

We cannot lay the foundation for prosperity upon the grounds of immorality.  It is never acceptable for someone to use a gun to extort money or property from anyone for the purposes of charity or goodness.  The philosophy which accepts the premise of coercion as a means of helping the poor and downtrodden is the same as that used as a means of helping the banksters and wall street manipulators.  A constitution which grants a monopoly privilege of taxation will always lead to a state much as we find ourselves in today.  It is true, the closer we can get to freedom, the smaller we can make the government, the better.  But the great American experiment which started with the smallest government the world had ever seen was the vehicle by which was created the largest government the world has ever seen.  I cannot bear the thought of leaving that legacy to be bourne by our grandchildren.  The constitution began with the assumption that it was acceptable for an organization to utilize methods of extortion, kidnapping, and murder as the means of protecting those it committed crimes against.  How can we ever trust someone who would resort to such measures to do the right thing?  How could we ever expect morality to follow immorality?  What kind of person could use evil to achieve good?

To the detractors of liberty on the basis of its alleged insensitivity to the needs of humanity who would put forth the argument, "We must care for those who cannot care for themselves."  It is true, we must as a society do just that.  It is a non sequitur to then propose violence and immorality to achieve such an end.  I am not charitable because I kick down my neighbor's door, put a gun to their head, take their money, and then give it to the poor.  It is beyond disgusting to see the demagogues and politicians prancing around with proud smiles on their face after doing so as if they were the champions of charity.

To those who would call themselves Christians and would ask the government to " something about it."  I say to them, "When did Christ go around extorting people's money to give to the poor?  When did Christ go on a murder spree in the name of Democracy and charity?  When did Christ pursue political action as a means of achieving his ends?"  How can you call yourselves Christians while sending our money off to be used for the purposes of immorality, death, and destruction?  Did the great men of renown follow orders to worship false gods or did they defy the most powerful rulers and refuse to compromise their virtue and morality even in the face of death?  Did Christ tell us that following him would mean persecution and torture? Surely it was written so.  Christ took it upon himself to make sacrifices at his own expense and so must you.  Never should we threaten our neighbor to make such sacrifices for then we have defeated the purpose.

To the great skeptics of freedom who constantly bombard us with excuses and justifications on the basis that freedom is a great idea, but it could never work for "Who would protect us from the great evils of the world if not for the government?"  I say to them, who will protect us from those who take our property against our will, offer us no choice as to how much protection we should want or in what fashion we should want it, without any say in how much we pay for it?  Is there any benefit that could justify the alleviation of our fears, supposing it could be done, if it required us to commit violence against our neighbors?  Who then will alleviate their grievance?

There is no hope in politics as the avenue to freedom.  To do so assumes that freedom can be given by politicians.  It is impossible.  It is the intellectual evolution which is our only salvation.  Understanding and accepting morality and virtue as ends, in and of themselves, worthy of our efforts are the path to liberty.  We cannot place our faith in men who achieve their goals through means of corruption, no matter how genuine and sincere they paint their good intentions.  We cannot call upon them to steal, kidnap, imprison, or murder for any good cause.  To do so renders our goals invalid.

For those who would criticize the proponents of freedom with ridiculous cajoling, "Well what can we do about it?"  The first thing I'm going to do about it is have discussions and debates with all my friends and family about the virtues of freedom.  I am going to make the case for morality and justice.  If I cannot convince those who confess to love me how can I hope to persuade those who openly hate me?  Every opportunity afforded to me will be spent spreading the message of freedom.  I will take every chance to speak with every customer where I work, every member of my church, every neighbor, every passerby on the street and every passenger on the bus.  I will post in every forum, call in to every radio show, pass out as many flyers as I can afford, create blogs and youtube videos, speak at every club and organization which will give me the floor, and scream "freedom" from my rooftop.  

Do not ask me my opinion about the current man running for office.  I do not care.  Do not ask me which party I belong to.  It does not matter.  Do not deluge me with questions of how each and every man should solve his specific problems or how to ameliorate his doubts and fears.  That is the great mystery which life asks us to solve as we go.  There is no such world where all uncertainties and risks are removed.  There is no telling where we will be swept off to once we place our feet outside our door.

In the past there were pragmatists who asked, "Who will pick the cotton if not for the slaves?"  I respond, "I do not care.  Slavery is wrong!"  If I were a seer and told them, "Do not worry friend.  One day great metal machines with enormous robotic arms will one day thrash through your fields to pick the cotton.  They will feed upon the juices of million year old dinosaur bones after being put through a complex refinement process by the sciences of alchemy."  I would be called a lunatic, a madman, an idealistic visionary with no practical proposals.  I do not pretend to know the future.  We cannot solve the current problems which plague our race if we do not first address the fundamental issues of ethics and morality.  Do not ask me what the future will bring should we achieve a free society.  I am not smart enough to predict it.  I can only hope to live in times where the discoveries afforded by liberty are unleashed upon humanity and I look forward with an eager heart to the day when that dream is realized.  

Join me in the fight for freedom.

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